Battlecat hit by speeding car by Ed & Rose

@ Port Seton
Battlcat, 4 days before the accident
Battlcat, 4 days before the accident

On Monday 26th August 2002, Battlecat decided to explore a bit further afield than her normal territory and unfortunately ended up being hit by a speeding car. In what is meant to be a 30mph zone, the driver of the car was:

  • Going a lot faster then they should have been
  • Failed to stop and report the accident
  • Left Battlecat to die

Battlecat was luckily found by one of our neighbours (Joe Greig) whom was out walking his dog. We don’t know how long Battlecat actually lay there, Joe found her at 9.30pm and we last saw her around tea time that evening. Because of Battlecat’s fluorescent collar, he managed to spot her lying motionless in the gutter next to the road, he thought she was dead. When he got closer, he noticed that she was twitching a little so decided to help. He ran up the street to take his dog home and brought his car down the road. He then managed to get Battlecat into his car and luckily since he knew where the vet lived, he drove her direct to the vet's house.

It wasn’t until the next morning that the vets contacted us. This was due to the fact that we had her micro chipped a couple of years ago. This only costs £25 and I would thoroughly recommend it. Without it, the vet would have not been able to identify us as her owners.

The initial prognosis was very grim:

  • he did not think she was going to live
  • suspected broken pelvis
  • broken jaw
  • brain damage
  • damage to one of her eyes

She was on local anaesthetic and steroids to keep her sedated and calm and the major stumbling block was that they were unable to get x–rays done, this needs general anaesthetic and she was too weak. The only thing we could do was wait and see.

It was not until Thursday that Battlecat was strong enough to survive the general anaesthetic and get her x–rays. She got x–rays to the pelvis and head. For the first time we had some good news. Her pelvis was not shattered, nor was there any fractures to the skull. There was of course some bad news, she still had a lot of swelling to her eye, there is a good chance that she will lose it in the next few weeks, if not, she will probably be blind in her right eye. Her jaw was also wired together. This would last for 6 weeks.

Ed went to visit her on Friday and she was in some state. She had her jaw wired and had a nasal tube in to help her feed. This meant that she was gagging and having trouble eating. When she eats herself by mouth (this is possible for a cat with its jaw wired) then she will be able to go home. She also had one of those lampshade collars on, a very swollen bloody eye with ointment in it. The picture of Battlecat above was taken 4 days before the accident.

Finally a big thank you to the following:

  • Joe and Janet Greig
  • Battlecat’s reflective collar
  • Battlecat’s micro chip
  • All of the staff at Roger Gordon’s surgery in Musselburgh
  • Tesco Pet Insurance!