Jet lag has completely set in by Rose

@ Port Seton

Well, jet lag has completely set in — I cannot sleep at night and right now I am wide awake and ready to go — in the morning I can’t do anything and just yawn all day :-(

Ed is working on putting our holiday pictures up — he is about halfway through and allegedly he would get them done much quicker if I buggered off and left him alone! I’ll let you all know when they are up.

Following on from Ed’s comment about Charles De Gaulle airport — I completely and utterly agree! I will never, ever go back there. They were rude, unhelpful and they didn’t put my suitcase on the plane. Not one person or one sign could tell us where our flight was leaving from, and if it weren’t for the very, very nice lady at the Britsh Airways desk who let us skip the queue to get our boarding cards, we would have been stuck there until 5pm for the next flight (they may have managed to get my case on the fight then, though!).

Never again will I go there! And, now that I have proved my point that Ed took more clothes on holiday than I did (which is why all my clothes were in the wee suitcase that got lost) I will be mixing up the cases and taking my make–up in hand luggage!