My name is Jack, I don’t need to sleep by Ed

Jack and I spent the day together, Rose was working. All was good, we had fun and played (disguised as housework) but he didn’t catch on that we were in fact hanging up clothes, folding clothes, emptying dishwasher, washing machine etc. :-)

We did other stuff, like proper baby playing so it was all fair.

He really is walking properly and to be honest, I can’t remember seeing him crawl yesterday. He is really good at taking your hand to go places as well. He was up at 6:30 as usual and by 10:30 he will still awake and showing no signs of a morning nap. Usually has it at around 9:00. I spoke to soon and he was in bed 20 mins later for an hours nap.

My name is Jack, I don’t need to sleep
My name is Jack, I don’t need to sleep

I managed to tidy up a bit more, check my work email and have a shave. He woke up before I could have a shower which made me mad but I thought, bugger that. I got his ride on and his toothbrush, sat him down and jumped in the shower. It worked! I got 5 minutes peace :-)

Jack and I headed out to TK Maxx but it was way too busy once we got to the checkouts so I had to put my 3 pairs of brown cords back. Jack enjoyed it though, touching EVERYTHING, including people :-) We then headed to Sainsbury’s where he was once again brilliant, behaving and pointing. He even managed a couple of free grapes! He was showing off to the ladies at the checkouts again by playing with the carrier bags.

He had a couple of pooey nappies yesterday and what appears to be happening is that he laughs when you are wiping his bum, almost like he is mocking you for cleaning up his stinky bum! Ha ha!

We went back to the house for his afternoon nap, which of course, never transpired. We went to pick up Mummy as it was very cold to be getting the bus home and Jack walked all the way from the car (parked at Cash & Carry) and back!

Well done, what a day, I am knackered!

PS - here is a picture of Jack from Christmas Eve Eve from my work.

Jack on the Razzle Dazzle website (again!)
Jack on the Razzle Dazzle website (again!)