Extra Day Off by Ed

Well after all my bravado about not missing the weekend run and piling it onto a Monday, here we are Monday afternoon and I did not make the Sunday run. Now being honest, this week was not the fault of my friends Mr M. Agners and Mr J. Daniels, but a very hard physical rugby game on Saturday (won 21-3 at Inverleith). I am absolutely aching and in no fit state to run. I also have a dead left thigh.

I don’t want to miss the 9 miles altogether so am going to make a concerted effort to get out tonight once the wee man is in bed. I might not make it as I still ache but I hate the thought of missing it.

Saying that, checking the schedule I am due to run 17 miles on Sunday. Eep.

My iPod also seems to be working (in theory), it must have finally dried out from the other day when my sweat burst it.