Injured Foot by Ed

Well, I am now officially injured, I have no idea what is actually wrong and in two days my foot is still sore. It has improved but not enough to even walk properly, never mind run. My Mum sent me a few links and I had a look on the web myself but its too fuzzy, I need clear advice on how to proceed.

I have iced, rested, moved, rubbed my foot but to no avail. I am going to speak to a couple of friends who are professionals and the Physio at the Rugby Club.

I would go and see my Doctor but I only have 12 weeks till the Marathon. Last time I got a pyhsio consult from them, it took 4 months by which point my sore back had recovered and I had actually forgotten what was wrong with me when they called.

Its hard being injured, so frustrating. Today is meant to be a four mile run and I can’t even do that, aaaarrrrghhh! I am very rarely injured for rugby (touch wood) so this really is a complete pain in the backside.