One day to go… by Chris

Im still here! This week's been a bit crazy – end of term / lots of conversations about the half marathon / last minute training. But, here we are, one day before our first half marathon. Im feeling suprisingly ok about tomorrow, due to the problem with my knee I havent managed any really long runs recently, but me knee is feeling better and the short runs this week have been pretty good. So hey – fingers crossed…


As mentioned I’ve done a few short runs this week – both have been about 4 miles on a track near home. I was advised to try and run off the roads this week to help my knee, so this dirt track was ideal!

4 mile loop
First run – 36 minutes
Second run – 34 minutes
I really enjoyed both runs – they where ideal for getting me back inot the running. The tracks pretty quiet (except for the odd stone throwing kid – keeps me awake) and its a bit more interesting than running along the streets. Also helps solve the problem of my trainers looking excessively white, lots of big muddy puddles.
Knee held up well, no aches, but I’ve still ben icing it after the run.
So, thats all the training done before the half marathon. No idea how where going to do – not aiming for an amazing time, treating it more as training towards the marathon. Have to admit, the bit thats causing the most problems at the moment is what to wear! Not really something I usually worry about, but its just not quite like a normal run. Aw well…

Right, wish us luck and cheers again for the all the sponsors!