Run 2½ miles to a pub, turn round, and then come back again by Ed

@ Portobello

I am sick fed up of running on Portobello Promenade, in fact sick of all the places I am running. Lets be honest, running is boring, repetitive, tiring and hard. Doing it in the same place(s) all the time just makes it exponentially more dull. I think next week I am going to try and run elsewhere in the town or district.

Today, rather than the bog standard run to the Cat & Dog Home and back for my 5 miles, I headed off down the coast (part of the Marathon Route). As it turned out, Mrs Formans pub at Levenhall is exactly 2½ miles away. So ironically on this lovely warm spring Friday lunchtime, I ran all the way along, touched the pub and came back again. Boy, I would have loved a wee Magners this lunchtime!

5 Mile Route on 27 April 2007
📷 Photograph: Ed Henderson
5 Mile Route on 27 April 2007
📷 Photograph: Ed Henderson
Eastfield » Edinburgh Road » New Street » Promenade » Mountjoy Terrace » New Street » Goosegreen Crescent » Goosegreen Road » Balcarres Place » Linkfield Road » Mrs Formans Inn (and then back again in reverse)
5 miles
40:52 (20:34 and 20:16)
0 (although I did think about a wee drink in the beer garden)
Very warm today and especially blowy down at the front. Hard work into the wind on the way down. The dust and pollution on the main road was quite a contrast from the fresh air at the beach. Down on Musselburgh Promenade you are literally 20 yards from the sea!
Switching my rest day to yesterday was definitely a good idea after my 4 runs in a row.
Am very very happy with my time today, this is the fastest I have ever ran (I think). Works out at 7.34 mph, around 8:11 for a mile, phew.

Have a 12 miler to do this weekend. Still not sure where/when and how but it will be done!