Shooting Pain by Ed

I learned a good lesson today. The reason the training plan goes (Rest, Run, Run, Run, Rest, Run, Cross) is for a dam good reason. Changing it to (Run, Run, Run, Run, Rest Rest Rest) because of alcohol seemed like a good idea. It was not. It meant that because of my long Monday run last week, and my going out Saturday night (and Jack being unwell), meant it was a good three days since my last (3 mile run). I went out today to do a 12 mile run and boy that was so hard.

12.2 Mile Route on 26 February 2007
📷 Photograph: Ed Henderson
12.2 Mile Route on 26 February 2007
📷 Photograph: Ed Henderson
Eastfield » Edinburgh Road » New Street » Promenade » Mountjoy Terrace » New Street » James Street » Millhill Wynd » Linkfield Road » Ravensheugh Road » High Street » Edinburgh Road » Gosford Road » Links Road (and then back again in reverse)
12.2 miles (managed to run 6.1 by mistake)
2:03:00 (split times of 1:01:30 each way)
3. Two on first leg, first to stretch, second to totally readjust shoes and socks as my feet were killing me. Stop at halfway for a drink of water.
I had spent the majority of the run with very sore feet and the occasional back spasm. The last three miles I can only describe as horrendous as the pain increased and the wall grew larger :-) I wanted to finish and was not going to let it stop me, however at what cost? Right now, and this is no exaggeration, I can hardly walk. A combination of sore back, sore right sole and usual sore legs. Thank god I am not cycling today. I will have to play it by ear tomorrow.