There can be only one by Ed

@ Edinburgh

Went out for a run this morning, meant to be 12 miles but ended up as 12.8 miles. I reckon I spotted around 50 other runners today. As the gathering approaches, folk are beginning to train, train and get ready for the big day. I saw all sorts today, fit, fat, hotties, gargoyles, folk who should never be allowed to reproduce :-)

I had awoken with a head full of gunk, the wee man had given me his snotty nose and stuffed head. Argh, I can hardly breathe through one nostril so was a little concerned about running. In the end I snotted (technical term), every 5 minutes for the whole run

Yesterday was quite good, Jack and I took Uncle Chris to the swimming pool and we were both really pleased to see him swimming around and having great fun in the water ;-)

After the success of the 5 mile run from earlier in the week, I decided to use that route again. Dull though it is, its a well worn route and does indeed form part of the Marathon Route itself. I attached on the run from my house, down to Seafield and along to Eastfield, hence the strange amount of mileage.

12.8 Mile Route on 29 April 2007
📷 Photograph: Ed Henderson
12.8 Mile Route on 29 April 2007
📷 Photograph: Ed Henderson
Northfield Avenue » Northfield Broadway » Portobello Road » Craigentinny Avenue » Fillyside Road » Seafield Road East » Promenade » Musselburgh Road » Eastfield » Edinburgh Road » New Street » Promenade » Mountjoy Terrace » New Street » Goosegreen Crescent » Goosegreen Road » Balcarres Place » Linkfield Road » Mrs Formans Inn (and then back again in reverse)
12.8 miles
116:26 or 1:56:26 (57:52 and 58:34 for 6.4 miles each)
1 (about a mile in to stretch my calves again, I don’t think I did them justice at 8:30am on a Sunday morning)
Being honest, a tough run. Took about 3 miles to find my groove and then after that I seem to be managing just over 9 minutes a mile, a great pace if I can keep it up.
It was really cold on Sunday morning so I ran the whole route in my hat and gloves. My head was wringing when I got back (and then it was off out for the day to Peebles) where we walked for ages.
Tried some of those Detroxose tablets (like Lucozade) for a wee burst of energy, I don’t know if they worked but I had one before I left, one at halfway and one at three quarters. I was absolutely knackered at the end.
Running back up Craigentinny Avenue a mile from home was a stupid idea :-) I am an idiot.
I actually ran the Half Marathon (13.1 miles), 4 minutes quicker than I did 12.8 miles. Weird, I wonder how much of a boost you get from running in a real race?

Next week is the biggy, 3 x 5 mile runs during the week and then 20 miles at the weekend, ouch.