This is it… by Chris

It is Sunday. It is 6am. It can only mean one thing…I’m bloody knackered!

So this it, all the training, the generous sponsorship by you guys and the final week of grumpy carb loading (sorry Suz!). I’d love to say I’m sitting here ready to go, feeling great and happy with the prep that I’ve done; but I don’t know if you ever feel that way! I’m looking forward to the race, but the nerves are pretty high right now. I feel like I’m a lot fitter than I’ve ever been, but is it enough? I guess I’ll find out today…

I’m off to eat my bagel, try not to cry at the weather forecast and start sorting the last of my gear. Due to weather, think I’ll be in my running shorts, Helly Hansen top and race number 2632. And my running pack, just so I’ve got somewhere for my knee support :)

One last thanks for all the support!