14 minutes early by Ed

I will fill in all the details later, suffice to say that despite being sent home from Hospital at 6pm, we went back at 8pm and Baby #2 arrived at 11:46pm. A full 14 minutes before his due date.

Baby #2
Baby #2

Rose had only been in the Delivery Suite for 36 minutes when all was said and done.

Additionally, she had no pain relief (there was no time) and she only swore once. Well done Rose!

6lbs 9oz
Date and Time
27 January 2008, 11:46pm
Still to be decided

Will reveal more information tomorrow once I get some sleep (its 3am and I am just home). Rose and Baby #2 are sleeping at the Hospital and hope to get out tomorrow.

Daddy with Baby #2
Daddy with Baby #2