A gypsy, a wanker and a dog by Ed

@ Prestonpans

I went out for a run on Tuesday night. Nothing strange about that, not at all. Just apart from a couple of bizarre incidents.

First of all, while running along past Cockenzie Power Station, I noticed the travelling people (gypsies to you and me), had set up camp. On the wall sat a pretty young teenage girl with her pal. Their bikes on my side of the wall so it was apparent they were not of the gypsy gene. On the other side of the wall was an unclean messy haired man (no, not me), a gypsy. As I ran past, I only caught a snippet of the conversation, here it is verbatim (bearing in mind she is sitting on a wall, well within grabbing kidnapping distance):

Gypsy Man
…no, no, no, we have an absolute duty!
Young Girl
Do you steal kids?

Now I may be the witness in an abduction right now for all I know. Anyhoo, on with the run.

As the dark clouds were closing in, I decided to go round Cockenzie Power Station and back to the house. As you go round past the Balls & Hoop monument, there is a little bridge over the sea where fishing is very popular (I think warm water comes out of the station so it attracts both fish and humans alike).

Since it was almost dark, I didn’t expect to find anyone on the bridge, but there were 2 rods setup and an umbrella on the ground, opened up, into the wind. I realised that whomever was fishing was sheltering from the weather.

As I ran past, gave a quick glance and it was at that point he noticed me. I don’t think he was expecting anyone to disturb him while he played with his knob. I changed gear from slow jog to turbo boost as I left him hurriedly attempting to put his rod away.

Could it get any worse? You would think not, but I then ran past a man walking his dog. Said dog insisted on running after me, in front of me with his stick to get me to throw it. Three times he almost tripped me, twice I had to stop dead (am not complaining). Eventually (despite the owner’s impressive come here boy x 100 not actually working), I shouted back to him — Would you control your fucking dog? That appeared to work as he hurriedly got his animal under control.

After those shenanigans, standard fare, ran past the burnt out BMW, through the LIDL car park and then up the hill in the pishing rain.

Bring it on.