From unfit to unfat by Ed

@ Upper Cockenzie

So after spending the last 3 years getting older, fatter and unfitter, now is the time to sort things out. Slowly turning into the kind of Dad that gets out of puff playing with his kids and it made me realise that I needed to fix it.

On 12 July 2010 I started healthy eating. I gave up crisps, coffee, tea, sweeties, snacks, takeaway. Not an easy thing to do all at once but I managed it (after 2 days of headaches).

Healthy eating is on the agenda, plenty fresh fruit and things that are better for you that the usual junk our country mass produces. This is no diet, just a fat man trying to eat a lot more sensibly. The last thing I want to do is produce three little fat boys just like their Dad.

In the first couple of weeks, the weight just fell of (over 1 stone) but the last few weeks its more or less stabilised. Reason for that, no exercise. Now as someone who played rugby for 14 years and ran the Edinburgh Marathon in 2007, you would think it would just be easy to pick it up again, I can tell you its not. I have had a couple of wee runs and really struggled.

So, what I have done is set a goal (those are always good). I intend to compete in the Men’s Health – Survival of the Fittest event in Edinburgh in October. 10K (around six miles) round the streets of Edinburgh (with obstacles thrown in). Not only will it be fun, it means I now have a target to aim for over the next seven weeks or so, rather than flailing about trying to lose weight by healthy eating alone.

Watch this space to see me suffer.