Happy New Year to you all! by Rose

Just popped on to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2010!

For the first time in 6 years, Ed and I actually got to do something for Hogmanay! We had been invited along to Lizzie and Richie’s (end of the street) and were even kindly offered to go along with the kids — we just couldn’t do it with 3 especially with Noah just out of hospital. Ed and I had decided to go along in shifts, I was going to go for 2 hours then come home, then Ed could go along. All fine and good and a wee (well 2 hours) night out for us both and that was going to do us fine — it was a treat as lets face it, when do Ed and I ever get to go out as a couple in the evening? That’s right — never!

At 4 yesterday we were sitting playing in the livingroom when we spotted Natalie and David walking up our front path, they had popped in on their way to Lizzie’s to tell us that they and Katie had been chatting and decided that it would be nice for Ed and I to get to go out as a couple for a change, and they had arranged it between the 3 of them to each come along and do a shift of sitting in the house watching the boys for us.

How kind and wonderful is that — giving up their own drinking & partying time to give Ed and I little time together away from the house and everything that has gone on the past month.

I can’t say thank you enough to them all — I had a lovely time and for a change I haven’t got up this morning feeling grumpy and let down because it feels like the whole world has been out partying aside from me.

This last year has truly been a testing year, we’ve had irritating and p*ss taking clients, people who have tested us to the limits, a very very poorly baby boy and 2 other children who still require our care and attention. I think Ed and I have been out once as a couple the entire year, to Bryn and Rowena’s wedding (unless you count when I was in labour!) so thank you so very, very much for making last night a lovely night for us, for sitting in our house with the children causing no disruption at all making it much easier for me at least to go, and for having the kindness and consideration to even suggest doing it in the first place.

I may not be entirely keen on the estate I live in, but I have some fantastic and wonderful friends around here. Thank you so much!

The kids are stirring now so I will do the rest of the blog later tonight when we come back home.