Caledonia to California by Ed

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Flag of California
Flag of California

On 1 March 2012, I applied for an innocent looking web job in California; titled Web Software Engineer at P✪PSUGAR in San Francisco, CA. I had applied for a few positions that week and given previous non-responses, wasn’t holding out much hope.

I was quite surprised a few days later when Dino (Technical Recruiter from P✪PSUGAR.) got in touch with a programming test (100 chairs in a room). Despite initially getting the incorrect answer, my working out was considered to be impressive and I graduated onto a technical interview (over Skype) with Phil, further interviews with Dino, Arthur (CTO) and Gennifer (HR) followed.

On the strength of that, I was then invited to San Francisco for a very tough final face–to–face interview. Upon returning to Scotland, I was verbally offered the job.

I have spent the last week or so, thinking it over, negotiating, chatting with friends and doing a lot of soul searching. Its a big move for a wee family like ours. Jack is 7, Toby, 4 and Noah almost 3.

Anyway, we have made a decision. This evening at 6pm I accepted the job offer and emailed back my signed acceptance.

There is still a hell of a lot depending on applying for a Work Visa, background checks, credit checks, passing medicals, interviews at the American Embassy in Belfast and no doubt lots of forms and waiting. Our current (I think optimistic) time of arrival is October.

Then we have to sell the house, our unwanted possessions (YARD SALE), cancel all our services, pay bills, tie up loose ends, close down our businesses, say goodbyes, find a new house, new School, new Nursery, new Playgroup and something for Rose to do in the US of A. Sounds a lot, IT IS but I am not worried, we have the best organiser this side of the Atlantic in our family, Rose!

There you have it, in the next few months, if we can pull all that off, Team Hendo will be moving to California, living and schooling somewhere in Marin County (just North of San Francisco over The Golden Gate Bridge, think of it as North Queensferry for those of you with a Scottish geography knowledge) while Ed will be working in San Francisco. Turns out the best way to commute is the ferry which travels from North Bay to the City and goes between The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not boasting whatsoever, I am as shocked and stunned as everyone else.

It still might not happen (for reason or another) but rest assured we will give it a good shot over the next few months and if we make it, we would love YOU to come visit. Bring Irn Bru and a chippy.