Dear Recruitment Person who just contacted me by Ed

@ Upper Cockenzie

Thanks for getting in touch about a potential job/role/position/opportunity. I genuinely do appreciate you taking the time to find and research, then call or ping me an email. Without you guys I would have no work. Thank you.

The reason I might not have answered my mobile to your call is that if I stopped what I was doing to speak to every Recruitment Person for just 10 minutes, I would honestly never get any work done ever, so please don’t take it personally when I say I am busy or put you onto voicemail.

It is very hard for me to decide on the job/role/position/opportunity you have sent me without all the facts. It really makes things a lot easier if you are able to provide all the information I require. Ideally I would like the following (in no particular order):

What is the job/role/position/opportunity? I.e. a job description please.
Where will I be based if I do this job, can I work from home?
Who is it working for?
When do you want me to start?
How Much?
What is the rate/salary on offer?
How Long?
How long is the contract for or is it a permanent role?

If you can provide me these details upfront, it means I can have a good look at what you have sent me instead of deleting it, marking it as spam or engaging in a game of email question and answer (something I do less and less these days). The less of these you provide me, the less interested I am.

And finally, no, I don’t have a Word copy of my CV, I use Linkedin.

Yours sincerely

Ed Henderson