My son Noah (age 2) - Olympic Gold Medalist 2032? by Ed

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Noah and the Olympic Flag
Noah and the Olympic Flag

My youngest son Noah is 2 years old. He loves running, he appears (compared to my other kids) very good at running. He runs very fast and his technique appears good (similar to a mini T-1000).

Despite his Bronchiolitis (asthma, breathing problems) and many visits to the Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh, this has not deterred him. He is happy when he runs and runs when he is happy.

(Noah is the youngest of my kids, and was the inspiration for Jack Draws Anything, you may remember from last year?)

We never thought too much of it until the other day while at his Socatots class (kids football), one of the other Dads asked how old he was and was I aware he was incredibly fast, with a great technique. Slightly stunned, we chatted and he explained he used to sprint for our local county.

Noah loves watching Usain Bolt running on the TV / YouTube so I guess in a kind of two year old way, Usain is his running hero. With the upcoming London Olympics, he is very excited.

So I did what any responsible Dad did in this modern era (as well as encouraging him and supporting him of course). I tweeted Ladbrokes and William Hill (our two most popular UK sports bookmakers) to find out if they would give me a price on Noah winning the Gold Medal in the 100m sprint at the 2032 Olympics (Noah will be 22, going on 23 then). Just for a bit of fun, see what they said.


Managed to speak to their PR team who spoke to an Odds Compiler. They offered me 1000/1.

William Hill

Managed to get through to someone at their Press Office. Here is their response:

Hello Ed - On condition that we have your permission to publicise the bet (and also on the condition that he is not Usain Bolt’s love child!), I can offer you odds of 10,000/1 to a maximum stake of £100 that your son will win the Mens 100m gold medal at the 2032 Olympics.

So no question about which of the odds offered are better, just need to find £100 now so we can win a million. Who’s in?