Connection Chop by Ed

@ San Francisco, California
Business Cat
Business Cat

My recent post, Winter of Disconnect; talked about how I had been very lax in accepting LinkedIn connections over the last few years and amassed a whopping 1,750 of them. I basically jumped into bed with anyone who even looked in my direction.

I have now had a chance to go through and examine every single person on my LinkedIn roster and the results were astounding.

Quite simply, 1,750  -  1,187 = 563

My Chop Chart (goodbye, 68% of my Connections)
My Chop Chart (goodbye, 68% of my Connections)

Here are the basic rules I used for whether someone got chopped or remained unchopped:

  • I worked with you
  • OR I worked for you
  • OR you worked for me
  • OR you and I are friends
  • OR we have had a meaningful relationship
  • AND Your LinkedIn profile doesn’t suck