Insanity (Day 1) - Fitness Test by Ed

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Insanity (the box)
Insanity (the box)

Today I started a home fitness program called Insanity. If you haven’t heard, it is a 60–Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program.

I have been struggling with time and motivation since getting to the USA, to keep fit and get in better shape so thought I would give this, and a healthier eating plan a try.

The basic principle is 63 days / 9 weeks (6 days workout, 1 day rest per week), max interval strenuous stamina training (essentially working out for 3–4 minutes bursts then short rest). Sessions around 30–45 minutes.

With my weight having gradually increased over the last few years (255.0 lbs today), and my fitness at an all time low, now is as good a time as any.


255.0 lbs


I was very nervous about this fitness programme. I had read and heard lots about Insanity, about how hard, intense and tough it was.

However, the sheer amount of good things folk had to say was enough to convince me to give it a go.

The Fitness Test itself

There are 8 exercises, for each you have 60 seconds to do as many reps as possible, with only a 30 second break between each exercise.

Insanity Fitness Test Results (table shows all results for all tests)
Exercise D1 D15 D36 D50 D63
Switch Kicks 54 56 58 100 59
Power Jacks 44 45 49 43 51
Power Knees 44 49 54 61 65
Power Jumps 18 35 37 38 44
Globe Jumps 5 6 7 8 9
Suicide Jumps 8 8 11 12 13
Push–Up Jacks 15 18 20 21 22
Low Plank Oblique 35 39 40 40 41

After the test was finished I lay on the garage floor for a good 10 minutes in the fetal position.

I was absolutely done in.

This was by far one of the most exhausting, tiring, physically & mentally tough things I have ever done. I put this up there with running a marathon and abseiling down a lighthouse.

I finally managed to pull myself up and get into the shower. My family looked at me with faces of confusion, disgust and pity. It was a full hour later that I managed to stop sweating and talk normally.

1 day down, only 62 to go.