Insanity: Week 1, done by Ed

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My Insanity progress chart, week 1, done
My Insanity progress chart, week 1, done

Week 1 of Insanity is complete.

I managed to do all 6 days of exercise as scheduled (Day 1 was a tough fitness test), and enjoy a day of rest (bliss).

Coupled with the improved eating I have been doing (courtesy of my lovely wife Rose), I managed to lose a solid 4lbs this first week, 255.0 lbs down to 251.0 lbs.

With DVD titles like Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Power & Resistance, Cardio Recovery and Pure Cardio, they are as tough as they sound. They all have similar structures, themes and exercises. This consists of a good 10 minutes warm–up (I am gasping for air and water even after these), followed by a comprehensive stretch (again tough itself and requiring a wee rest).

The main part then consists of about 20–30 minutes of interval training (with very short water breaks). 3–4 minutes at a time of progressively manic exercises (jumping, stretching, squatting, pressups, running, to name a few).

While you do this, the inventor of Insanity — Shaun T., with his awesomely sculpted body and his positively nagging attitude, eggs you on to “push harder”, “dig deeper” and “don’t sacrifice form for function”. I have both a dislike and like for Shaun T (the dislike only fueled by the fact he is making me do hard work).

During this main part, I am absolutely out of breath and sweating buckets. Constantly needing a wipedown and moment to catch my breath and drink of lovely cold water.

By the end, once I have muddled my way through, doing my best, I collapse onto the floor of the garage for two minutes before entering the house and grabbing some protein recovery drink and collapsing into the shower.

Random Thoughts (aka advice for others)

  • Take lots of water during the sessions, double what you estimate.
  • Get a good pair of comfortable shoes, you do a lot of jumping.
  • Wear unrestrictive clothes, you move all the time.
  • You will sweat buckets, take a towel to repeatedly dry yourself off.
  • You need to be willing to push yourself. Exercises are repeated and Shaun T. urges faster and more. If you want to do well, you need to push push push.
  • Be ready on the pause button. You will need more breaks than they give on the DVD, even the well–trimmed folk on the DVD need to stop/collapse.

Onward to Week 2 with more of the same.