Insanity: Week 2 and Week 3, complete by Ed

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Me, knackered at the end of Insanity, Week 3
Me, knackered at the end of Insanity, Week 3

Unfortunately, work and busy–ness got in the way of an end of an Insanity, Week 2, blog post.

By the time I had written something up, I was halfway through Week 3. I figured I would roll both weeks together, since they were much the same, in terms of effort, result, and slog.

The initial excitement of the first week has definitely died down, As the reality set in, that there is another eight weeks of daily hard exercise to go (with only Sundays for a rest).

Similarly the healthy eating, while still attainable, becomes more difficult as old delicious habits, chips, fizzy juice, chocolate, crisps, snacks, etc. are in the back of my mind shouting “hello remember me?”

I managed all of Week 2, and came away with lbs weight loss. Not as good as Week One, but it’s not always about the weight loss of course. I have been too scared to we measure myself to see if I have lost any inches.

I had my second fitness test at the end of Week 2, so I updated my chart. Slight improvement overall.

There are 8 exercises, for each you have 60 seconds to do as many reps as possible, with only a 30 second break between each exercise.

Insanity Fitness Test Results (table shows all results for all tests)
Exercise D1 D15 D36 D50 D63
Switch Kicks 54 56 58 100 59
Power Jacks 44 45 49 43 51
Power Knees 44 49 54 61 65
Power Jumps 18 35 37 38 44
Globe Jumps 5 6 7 8 9
Suicide Jumps 8 8 11 12 13
Push–Up Jacks 15 18 20 21 22
Low Plank Oblique 35 39 40 40 41

I finished Week 3 at the weekend, the weigh in was today (Monday). Week 3, I managed to shift a cracking 3½ lbs (even with that trip to Burger King).

I am incredibly happy with that, and added to the first two weeks now makes the total, 10 lbs gone.

Onwards with week 4, and training for Bay to Breakers starts this week. Ruh roh.