Insanity: Week 4, finished by Ed

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Insanity: Week 4, finished
Insanity: Week 4, finished

Week 4 was tough. The toughest so far. Not only did the intensity kick up a notch, I also tried to begin training for Bay to Breakers (15K run in San Francisco), added to that, my first injury.

While doing Floor Sprints my left calf popped. I thought I was OK at first and managed to finish the workout. Once I had warmed down, finished and tried to walk as normal I soon realised this was a proper injury.

What followed was a lot of icing, stretching and some creative rearranging of my Insanity workouts. I still managed them all on the day I was supposed to but I pushed a few to the evenings to give my calf as much rest time as possible.

I hobbled around work and could barely walk / play with the kids for a couple of days. I think I had tweaked it while doing my first run since my now infamous burning trainers moment.

It was my first training run for Bay to Breakers. Two miles, should have been simple. I have run every distance from 1 mile to 26 so wasn’t worried. I should have been. Years of no running (and no exercise) coupled with the glorious California sunshine/heat meant that my 2 miles (or 8 times round the block) was intense. I managed it running, broke down to a fast walk a few times but was very keen to finish.

After this Tuesday run and the injury I had to postpone the Thursday & Saturday runs (but I do have them on my TODO list to catch up).

I limped my way to the end of the week, managing Insanity inbetween icing and hobbling. I completed the majority of the exercises, really just substituting the individual parts that involved one–leg–hopping with something equally painful like push–ups or situps.

When Sunday came I was glad of the rest although my Insanity Beard is really starting to itch.

Next week is number 5. Recovery week. Yay.