Insanity: Week 5 and 6, exhausted by Ed

@ Corte Madera

Short and sweet as there is not too much to report.

Week 5

This is billed as Recovery Week. Its the same format as the other weeks, just a step down in terms of effort. Relative to other workouts, its still super tough.

A lot of stretching, plank work and MORE stretching (with a little cardio thrown in).

I had built it up to be a week off but it wasn’t. Still a tough week after the effort of the first four weeks.

Suprisingly, I lost 3½lbs this week which now makes a total of 14lbs, i.e. one stone lost in 5 weeks. Woo hoo.

Week 6

This is the first week of the second half of Insanity (its 9 weeks with a 4 week block, 1 week recovery and another 4 week, more intense block).

Boy was it tough. Workout lengths now hit around an hour rather than the previous 30–40 minutes. If I am honest, I think the step up is just a notch too high for me and could probably have done with doing the first 5 weeks again BUT I have decided to soldier on and see how much I can get done.

There isn’t anyone in the workout videos who is as big/heavy/large/unfit/fat as me, and even they are exhausted so imagine how hard it is for a big lump.

I am now seriously considering doing Insanity again once I am finished this.

There was also another Fitness test this week so here is my updated results. Slowly slowly improving with each attempt:

Insanity Fitness Test Results (table shows all results for all tests)
Exercise D1 D15 D36 D50 D63
Switch Kicks 54 56 58 100 59
Power Jacks 44 45 49 43 51
Power Knees 44 49 54 61 65
Power Jumps 18 35 37 38 44
Globe Jumps 5 6 7 8 9
Suicide Jumps 8 8 11 12 13
Push–Up Jacks 15 18 20 21 22
Low Plank Oblique 35 39 40 40 41

Again, suprisingly, I lost 2lbs this week which now makes a total of 16lbs in six weeks. Three weeks to go now and onto Week 7, exhausted but happy.

I am now the same weight as this guy.