My review of “Instant jQuery Boilerplate for Plugins” by Ed

@ Walnut Creek, California
Me holding my copy of Instant jQuery Boilerplate for Plugins
📷 Photograph: Ed Henderson
Me holding my copy of Instant jQuery Boilerplate for Plugins
📷 Photograph: Ed Henderson

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review, I received a complimentary copy of the book.

First up, the book suggests a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In my opinion it should be aimed squarely at the Intermediate level and upwards. The code examples waste no time in moving from the quick simple introduction to the complete comprehensive conclusion. It is an Instant book after all, short, fast and focused so it needs to get things done quicker than your traditional large publication.

The Boilerplate mentioned in the title, in theory is a straightforward concept but many times during the book I found myself getting confused as to what was going on at each step. Lack of (quality) screen grabs and the sometimes-too-quick-paced addition of code meant I had to frequently trackback to work out what was happening.

Some other annoyances were messy and sloppy code issues. I think the examples themselves would have benefitted from another review. Some untidy CSS, unnecessary selectors, inconsistent hex code convention, inconsistent naming of variables, 0px and the use of IDs are the types of things that could grate a more experienced developer.

I was happy that the book mentioned external tools such as HTML5 Boilerplate, JSLint and normalize.css and overall had a good approach to solving the problems. The variety of plugins suggested was also very good, many of these, good starting points for future projects.

I managed to complete this short and snappy textbook on a couple of thirty minute train rides. The compact size of this book turned out to be a great length and allowed me to consume some in-depth knowledge in a relatively short space of time.

Even though I wasn’t overly impressed with the content and presentation, I still came away thinking I had learnt something.

Verdict: ★★★☆☆

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