My wife is bloody awesome by Ed

@ Walnut Creek, California

…aka our Mum is super awesome

Toby and Rose
📷 Photograph: Rose Henderson
Toby and Rose
📷 Photograph: Rose Henderson

My son Noah (4) had to visit the ER in Walnut Creek, California for breathing problems. My wife Rose went with him and they both stayed the entire day (and night).

I am a Software Engineer with P✪PSUGAR so I (tried to) work from home. I had Jack (9) and Toby (5) to look after so it gave me a chance to walk (or drive) a mile in Rose’s shoes.

Here is what I did and where I went:

  • 0530 — Home (awakened by a sick Noah)
  • 0600 — Hospital (dropped off Rose & Noah)
  • 0645 — Home (dressed, washed, breakfast & make lunches)
  • 0745 — School (dropped off Jack & Toby)
  • 0815 — Home (work)
  • 0940 — School (watch Toby win an Award)
  • 1015 — Home (work)
  • 1105 — School (pick up Toby)
  • 1130 — Home (work)
  • 1315 — School (pick up Jack)
  • 1330 — Sprouts (get some groceries)
  • 1400 — Subway (get some lunch)
  • 1430 — Home (work)
  • 1600 — Hospital (visit Noah)
  • 1630 — Home (work)
  • 1815 — School (drop off Jack for school play)
  • 1830 — Starbucks (quick coffee with Toby)
  • 1845 — School (watch Jack’s school play)
  • 2000 — Home

Please do not think I have put this itinerary here to boast; not at all.

This is to illustrate an example of what Rose does in a day. Not just a one off day like I did, but every day of the working week.

Throw in meals, housework, homework and picking up after me and you have one dedicated and awesome Mum and Wife.

(I’d be lying if I said she never complained about it but I only did it for one day and I am bloody knackered! She can complain all she likes.)

Us boys are guilty of taking her for granted and don’t tell her THANK YOU as often as we should, but be assured Rose/Mum, we are all super grateful for all you do.

You are the super glue that holds our family together and we all love you very much.

Ed, Jack, Toby & Noah

PS — no one wants to see a picture of me so here are the boys:

Toby (5), Jack (9) and Noah (4), December 2013
📷 Photograph: Ed Henderson
Toby (5), Jack (9) and Noah (4), December 2013
📷 Photograph: Ed Henderson