Evil Egg Drop by Ed

@ Pleasant Hill

At the end of the School Year, the kids have a traditional Egg Drop competition.

For those unfamiliar with this concept, kids have to construct a homemade vessel for a raw egg to travel in. This vessel is dropped from the roof of the school. If your egg makes it down without breaking, good times. If it breaks, bad times.

It’s all good fun and there are some very inventive creations, ranging from boxes to balloons to bubble wrap.

While we all watched the volunteer Dads drop the eggs from the school roof, I asked (6 year old) Toby what he would do when it was his turn next year.

Toby thought for a minute then suggested the following solution to get his egg to safety:

Dad, get a big box. Fill it with lots of eggs. Drop the box off the roof then open it at the bottom. Find one egg that didn’t crack then tell the teacher that was your egg. Simple.

As Toby’s Dad I was both equally impressed and horrified at his solution. He would most certainly have a surviving egg but he was willing to sacrifice ALL the other eggs to do so.

Toby remains on my watch carefully, potentially evil list.