I should bank 5000 miles by Ed

@ San Francisco, California
Not my local branch of Santander
Not my local branch of Santander

I have been living here in California now for over 2½ years and still have my UK bank account with Santander. I use it for a few different things I still got going on back in the homeland.

The account still has an Overdraft facility on it from back in the day and to be honest I never got round to paying it back or reducing it. They’ve never hassled me about it and its never been an issue.

I have spoken with Santander MANY times over the last few years and on every occasion I have reminded them that I am in the USA.

Quite recently I decided to put this situation right and contacted Santander through their very secure website which I maintain a login for. Using their Secure Email service I asked them to REDUCE my Overdraft. My plan was to bring it down £100 every month or so till it was gone.

Just to be crystal clear and full disclosure. My overdraft with Santander is £700, i.e. I owe them £700. I am asking to pay that back, REDUCE the overdraft, i.e. give them money back.

My only response (I get the same thing each time I ask):

Again, I am sorry for re–iterating the information. However, due to the credit scoring system I are unable to amend your overdraft via the messaging or the telephone banking service. In order to reduce your existing overdraft you will need to go to your local Santander Branch with ID and proof of account ownership, I are unable to currently process your request through any other channel.

I have tried to reach a compromise with them. I suggested letter, phoning, Skype, video recording, emailing or faxing. I even suggested my parents go into the branch for me.

No, no, no, no, no, no and no.

Even though they fully acknowledge I am in the USA, and I am trying to give them money, they maintain the only way for me to reduce my overdraft is to fly 5000+ miles to the UK and pop into a branch.