Team Hendo

Four men, completely & utterly dependent, on one woman

Now includes 200% more cats

Edward Christian Henderson

Dad, Daddy, Ted, Knobhead, Edward, Hendo, Eddie, Ed, he responds to all those monikers. He is employed as a Senior UI Engineer at Healthline in San Francisco, where he tries to “put right what once went wrong“. He played rugby for many years, ran a marathon in 2007 and abseiled down a lighthouse but its all been downhill from there. Loves anything to do with Time Travel but has no time for himself. Guilty pleasure — Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Rosemary Henderson

Rose has big boobs and is awesome at sewing, craft, baking, cooking and being a Mum Mom. She has more common sense than all four boys combined. She used to run red & rosy but has had to put that on hold for now. She loves David Tennant, Robert Downey Jr. and Kermit the Frog. (Disclosure, this entry was written by Ed).

Jack Ieuan Rocky Henderson

My favourite colour is light blue. I like Captain America, Iron Man and Hawkeye. I love playing Mario Kart and Mario Chase. I like to bake and enjoy baseketball and soccer. My favourite animals are hedgehogs, pugs and platypuses. I like to read and climb trees.

Toby Edward Xavier Henderson

I like Pokémon, my favourite is Squirtle. My favourite colour is green and I like Mario Chase. I like my cats, I like my Dad and my Mum and my brothers. Sometimes they annoy me. I love Mac and Cheese. I like Pixar movies and Disney movies. My favourite animal is a Turtle and my favourite superhero is The Incredible Hulk.

Noah James Logan Henderson

I love puppies. My favourite TV show is Pokémon, my favourite is Clefairy and that little egg guy (Togepi). My favourite sports is baseball and soccer. My brothers are sometimes annoying. I like my Mum and Dad and my brothers. I like purple the best. My favourite superhero is Spider–Man, Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America and Falcon.

Oscar Henderson

I like to snuggle my humans. I like to chase the big boy humans round the garden. My tail is wonky. Sometimes my humans have dirty hands when they are stroking me. The humans don’t have tails!

Loki Squeaky Henderson

I go in, I eat, I go out.